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One Tiny Game

This is One Tiny Game.

This repo contains the full source code of all games, the supporting library, and the build tools to generate the final files.

I spend between 1 and 3 days on each game. The code is often hacky, ugly, and sometimes obscure. I would have a hard time re-reading it, which I seldom do.

Files on src/one/lib are completely independent of the framework code, are of a better quality, and can be easily reused elsewhere.

The release for each game contains a 800x800 screenshot, the base images for Twitter and OpenGraph, and a single html file that is completely self-sufficient to run the game.

This html file contains the minified LZMA-compressed base64 bundled code, and an snippet of code that LZMA decompresses and runs. In theory the compression is redundant and wasteful, as most static pages are gzip-ed by HTTP, so I may remove this in the future. Meanwhile, this generates a very small final file (between 20k and 80k bytes, at the time I'm writing this).