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Google Cloud Storage emulator & testing library.
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fake-gcs-server provides an emulator for Google Cloud Storage API. It can be used as a library in Go projects and/or as a standalone binary/Docker image.

The library is available inside the package and can be used from within test suites in Go package. The emulator is available as a binary that can be built manually, downloaded from the releases page or pulled from Docker Hub (docker pull fsouza/fake-gcs-server).

Using the emulator in Docker

If you want to run a standalone server (like the datastore/pubsub emulators) for integration tests and/or tests in other languages you may want to run the fake-gcs-server inside a Docker container:

docker run -d --name fake-gcs-server -p 4443:4443 fsouza/fake-gcs-server

Preload data

In case you want to preload some data in fake-gcs-server just mount a folder in the container at /data:

docker run -d --name fake-gcs-server -p 4443:4443 -v ${PWD}/examples/data:/data fsouza/fake-gcs-server

Where the content of ${PWD}/examples/data is something like:

└── sample-bucket
    └── some_file.txt

To make sure everything works as expected you can execute these commands:

curl --insecure

curl --insecure

This will result in one bucket called sample-bucket containing one object called some_file.txt.

Example with the Python client library

For Python examples, check out the examples/python directory.

Building the image locally

You may use docker build to build the image locally instead of pulling it from Docker Hub:

docker build -t fsouza/fake-gcs-server .
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