Small examples of data driven graphics -- to be used as starting points.
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Visual Vocabulary

Small examples of data driven graphics -- to be used as starting points for static graphics to be further refined through Illustrator. viewable here

Getting started

For ease of use we suggest you use srvlr to help you see your changes reflected immediately in your browser.

If you have srvlr installed using it is as simple as opening terminal, navigating to the location of you project and typing srvlr

Setting up a mac for editing the examples

  • install nodejs from here
  • open up terminal app
  • install srvlr npm install -g srvlr (if you see errors you may need to try sudo npm install -g srvlr which will then prompt you for your password)
  • make sure Git is installed, type git into the command line. if it's not installed your mac should take over and install it for you

Getting a local copy of the examples

i.e. copying them to your computer. either : Download them from here or in the terminal window type git clone TARGET-LOCATION

replacing TARGET-LOCATION with the name of the folder you wish to put the examples in.

Getting you graphic off the page and into illustrator

Use the SVG crowbar bookmark [which is available here]](


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