ABCD stands for ABCD Behavior Change Dashboard
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ABCD stands for ABCD Behavior Change Dashboard (One should always be recursive when one has the opportunity.)

the best way to never lose sight of your goals, is to never lose sight of your goals. I like to have me behavior change efforts in front of me all the time. So I use my progress reports as a screensaver.

This is a simple, single page website that can be used as the target for a web based screen saver. It has a file called your_reports.js that you can modify to point to your personal change reports.

BeeMinder provides the following three critical components that make setting this up pretty simple:

  • Good aggregation of the popular Quantified Self data sources
  • Nice reports
  • Clean URLS

Edit the file your_reports.js and add your personal change links. Otherwise you will see the authors less than stellar progress. All you have to do is put your report URLs there, and tell the system how long you want each one to show for (30 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 minutes etc..)

After that you should use one of the following tools to make this webpage into your screensaver:

Then you will not be able to avoid focusing on your progress.