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coordination helpers for distributed celluloid for use with systems automation frameworks e.g. Chef


A library designed to allow you to perform simple master election while knowing little about your peers, for use with Chef.


  • JRuby 1.6 or 1.7, (1.9 mode only)
  • ZeroMQ 2.1
  • Zookeeper ~3.3.3

Command Line Usage

There is a command line 'pylon' script included for starting test instances of the library.

Give it a shot!

This will give you two pylon nodes running across eth1, on the tcp ip/port specified, with multicast and multicast loopback enabled. Should see a master election happen! Enjoy.

# apt-get isntall libzmq-dev
# apt-get install zookeeperd
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec bin/pylon -l debug --dcell-addr tcp:// --dcell-id haxstation1
$ bundle exec bin/pylon -l debug --dcell-addr tcp:// --dcell-id haxstation2
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