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free-game gives you a world so that you can create games easily.


$ cabal update
$ cabal install free-game

Migration Guide

  • runGame param

    • runGame Window (BoundingBox 0 0 640 480) or runGame FullScreen (BoundingBox 0 0 640 480)
    • setTitle "Lorem ipsum"
    • Unicode characters are OK: setTitle "ニンジャ"
    • showCursor or hideCursor
    • clearColor black
    • setFPS 60
  • loadBitmapsWith 'func "/path/to"

    • loadBitmapsWith [|func|] "/path/to"
  • keySpecial
    • keyPress or keyDown or keyUp -- You don't have to keep key states anymore!
  • foreverTick m
    • foreverFrame m -- It is faster
  • do { some draw-only computation }
    • Just apply draw to make your code faster.
  • Game is a kind of coroutine upon Frame.

Comparison with gloss

free-game's API is similar to what gloss have.

gloss free-game
Picture Game ()
Blank return ()
Text text font size
Bitmap w h d bitmap
Translate x y translate (V2 x y)
Scale x y scale (V2 x y)
Rotate rotate
Color color
Pictures xs sequence_ xs
Circle circle
Line line
Polygon polygon

Special Thanks

  • jbracker, extended features and fixed minor bugs

Bug reports, pull requests, feature requests are welcome.


Bitcoin Address: 1EvewG7YHdcgMjmQEYEBrKiPjUwGWBckY4

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