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Optimizt avatar: OK sign with Mona Lisa picture between the fingers


Optimizt is a CLI tool that helps you prepare images during frontend development.

It can compress PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG lossy and lossless and create WebP versions for raster images.



As frontend developers we have to care about pictures: compress PNG & JPEG, remove useless parts of SVG, create WebP for modern browsers, etc. One day we got tired of using a bunch of apps for that, and created one tool that does everything we want.


Install the tool:

npm i -g @funboxteam/optimizt


optimizt path/to/picture.jpg

Command line flags

  • --webp — create WebP versions for the passed paths instead of compressing them.
  • -l, --lossless — optimize losslessly instead of lossily.
  • -v, --verbose — show additional info, e.g. skipped files.
  • -V, --version — show tool version.
  • -h, --help — show help.


# one image optimization
optimizt path/to/picture.jpg

# list of images optimization losslessly
optimizt --lossless path/to/picture.jpg path/to/another/picture.png

# recursive WebP creation in the passed directory
optimizt --webp path/to/directory

# recursive JPEG optimization in the current directory
optimizt `find . -type f -name '*.jpg'`


External Tool in WebStorm, PhpStorm, etc

Add an External Tool

Open Preferences → Tools → External Tools and add a new tool with these options:

  • Program: path to the exec file (usually simply optimizt)
  • Arguments: desired ones, but use $FilePath$ to pass Optimizt the path of the selected file or directory
  • Working Directory: $ContentRoot$
  • Synchronize files after execution: ✔️

Set other options at your discretion. For example:

As you see on the screenshot above, you may add several “external tools” with the different options passed.

How to use

Run the tool through the context menu on a file or directory:


To add shortcuts for the added tool go to Preferences → Keymap → External Tools:


Cute picture for the project was made by Igor Garybaldi.

Sponsored by FunBox

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