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Dead Hosts

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Let's test hosts file against Funceble !

Valuable links

They updated their hosts file or blocklist with the help of Funceble or this repository.

Repo / List Name Author Repository / Website Raw
add.2o7Net Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw
add.Dead Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw
add.Risk Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw
add.Spam Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw
Badd-Boyz-Hosts Mitchell Krog Repository Raw
KADhosts KAD Repository Raw
Nginx Ultimate Bad Bot & Referrer Spam Blocker Mitchell Krog Repository Raw
SpotifyAds Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw
The Big List of Hacked Malware Web Sites Mitchell Krog Repository Raw
UncheckyAds Tomasz Przybył Repository Raw

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About Funceble

To quote the most active user of Funceble:

[Funceble is an] Excellent script for checking ACTIVE, INACTIVE and EXPIRED Domain Names.

Need more information?

You can get more informations from the repository or Funceble's Wiki.

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