Adds a missing layer to the django admin by subclassing AdminSite and providing a new class, AppAdmin, where app-level admin actions can go.
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Django AppAdmin

There is not an easy way in the django-admin to add app-level views to the home page and app-page (/admin/, /admin/app/) without lots of template inheritance and subclassing AdminSite. And even once you do that there is a surprise in store: if you want to add some actions to you app_index, you have to provide implement two views, not one (one for the admin home — index — and another for the app page — app_index) but two view methods. In most cases one view will do the job, and AppAdmin will use index if app_index is not provided.

AppAdmin also provides classes and templates that make building admin-like pages easy. For instance, the AsAdminForm class provides an as_admin method that outputs the classes and wrappers you'll need to make a form that looks like other django admin forms.


pip install -e git://

AppAdminSite Usage

Add app_admin to your INSTALLED_APPS.

In, add the following:

from django.contrib import admin
from app_admin.admin import AppAdminSite

# replace default AdminSite with AppAdminSite = AppAdminSite()
admin_site =

Other classes

  • AsAdminForm - Extend to have an as_admin method on your forms.


  • admin/app_admin/submit.html - outputs (just) a "Save" button.
  • admin/app_admin/app_bucket.html - for use on the home page.
  • admin/app_admin/app_index.html - the /admin/app-name/ page.
  • admin/app_admin/index.html - Outputs the entire home page. It is probably better to override app_bucket.html, not this one.