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Open Source at FusionPBX

This repository serves as the umbrella project to represent the various open source efforts at  Mark J. Crane . Come here to get an overview of the various projects, to learn how to contribute to them, and to sign up as a contributor.

Table Of Contents

Note to External Contributors

We at FusionPBX are eager to work with you as a contributor. The following explains how to become a contributor. You will need to sign the contributor agreement as described below and send us a useful pull request. We accept pull requests from new contributors once we see the beneficial pull request and a signed contributor agreement. Each pull request is reviewed to make sure there is a signed contributor agreement.

In particular, in order for us to accept any patches from you, you will have to electronically sign a statement that indicates two things:

  • You are willingly licensing your contributions under the terms of the open source license of the project that you’re contributing to.

  • You are legally able to license your contributions as stated.

The reason we do this is to ensure, to the extent possible, that we don’t “taint” the projects we manage with contributions that turn out to be improper. This protects everyone who wants to use the projects, including you! If you want a longer explanation, then you can check out the CLA Rationale page.

Once you sign the Contributor License Agreement (the “CLA”), we will then be able to merge your contributions with a clear conscience and with only the friction that results from the usual technical back-and-forth of a vibrant open source project.

To get started with this process, visit the Sign the CLA page.

Thanks, FusionPBX!

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