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'Round the beggar from Varassa all sat in a ring,
and by the campfire they sat and heard his song.
About walkers and wolfkin and every terrible thing,
and of his fear he sang to them all night long:

"There is something beyond the mountains,
beyond the howls beyond the mist,
there is something behind the veils,
behind hearts cold as stone.
Hearken, something walks and whispers,
walks and lures you in and whimpers:
Come to us, for this earth shall ever be ours and ours alone!"

⚔️💀 Forbidden Lands for Foundry VTT 💀⚔️

The Officially supported, and community developed system for playing Forbidden Lands on Foundry VTT.

The core system features no content. It only provides support for various mechanics required to play the game:

  • Character, and Monster sheets.
    • Including the ability to drag-and-drop Gear, Talents, Spells and Critical Injuries.
    • Integrated consumables roll mechanics.
    • Automation through Roll Modifiers and Encumbrance tracking.
  • Party Sheet
    • Bring the party together on Journeys. @maxstar's famous Party Sheet is now part of the system.
  • Stronghold Sheets.
    • Giving you the ability to track the buildings, hirelings, and resources in a stronghold through drag-and-drop.
  • Items:
    • Gear — General equipment needed for adventuring.
    • Weapon — Choose whether it is a normal weapon or an artifact.
    • Armor — Armor rating, and track how to get your hands on some defense.
    • Talent — Talents for characters. Helps you survive.
    • Spells — Store information on powerful spells.
    • Critical Injuries — Track those pesky injuries caused by monster attacks.
    • Monster Attacks — For detailing vicious monster attacks causing critical injuries.
    • Monster Talents — Monsters also have talents.
    • Raw Materials — For building your stronghold.
    • Stronghold Buildings — For ease of tracking the buildings in your stronghold.
    • Stronghold Hirelings — Track wages, and capabilities of your stronghold's hirelings.
    • Roll Modifiers can be customized on many items so you don't need to remember whether something gives you a bonus, or penalty, to your rolls.

Content for the system is available as addon modules. You can purchase them at Fria Ligan's website (see below).

🚀 Install

  1. Open Foundry's Admin dashboard and select the Game Systems-tab.
  2. Click the Install System button, and find Forbidden Lands in the list of available systems (should that fail, look here for available manifests).
  3. Create a Game World using the Forbidden Lands system.

🚦 Supported Modules

🗺️ Preview


🛠️ Contributing

If you want to contribute to the project, download and build it for something else, or if you simply have an issue, please read our contributing guide to learn more about how we accept contributions and how to set up the development version of the project.

🙏 Contributors

✏️ System originally created by @Perfectro

🔧 Currently developed by @aMediocreDad and @narukaioh

We have many great contributors to the project including @patrys @maxstar @jimorie @giant-teapot @roonel @romelwell @moo-man @SlamHammerfist @lasseborly and @m0ppers

🌐 Localization contributors: @ptosekigloo @ptoseklukas (cs), @Bapf @OnkelRod (de), @DavidCMeier @KaWeNGoD (es), @ismail-ahmed (fr), @franklinbenini @igorteuri @trprado (pt-BR), and @Rosataker (zh-TW)

🎲 Dice graphics recreated by Tomasz 'jarv' Dobrowolski with permission from Fria Ligan.

🧙 Character Generator now features optional expanded Bitter Reach tables from Reforged Power, courtesy Experimental

As well as plenty of users who have come with great feedback, either on the official Foundry discord server or in issues

💻 Websites

📝 Licenses