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fw4spl 3D rendering backend using
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Extra repository for FW4SPL, a framework for fast and easy creation of applications, mainly in the medical imaging field.

This repository brings a new 3D rendering backend using Ogre3D:

  • regular surfacic meshes rendering for reconstruction,
  • 2D and 3D negato medical image display with transfer function support,
  • Order-independent transparency (several techniques implemented such as Depth-peeling, Weighted-blended order independent transparency, and Hybrid Transparency),
  • customizable shaders and parameters edition.

For general information, see documentation or go the main repository.


OgreViewer is a demonstration application to show the rendering features of the Ogre3D backend.


See how to install fw4spl :

To be able to compile the code in this repository, you need first to build Ogre3D library. So in your fw4spl-deps build, you must set the ENABLED_OGRE_DEPS CMake variable to ON and call 'make ogre'. Then to add this repository to your project build, you must add the path of the repository to the ADDITIONAL_PROJECTS CMake variable (multiple paths can be given by separating them with semicolons).


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