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1 parent 51a210e commit b96bef51b0eda4adb46c84cc874b2a0d5c7748c7 @fzaninotto committed Dec 16, 2013
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+2013-12-16, v1.3.0
+* Fixed state generator in Australian (en_AU) provider (sebklaus)
+* Fixed IDE insights for locale specific providers (ulrikjohansson)
+* Added English (South Africa) (en_ZA) person, address, Internet and phone number providers (dmfaux)
+* Fixed integer values overflowing on signed INTEGER columns on Doctrine populator (Thinkscape)
+* Fixed spelling error in French (fr_FR) address provider (leihog)
+* Added improvements based on SensioLabsInsights analysis
+* Fixed Italian (it_IT) email provider (garak)
+* Added Spanish (es_ES) Internet provider (eusonlito)
+* Added English Philippines (en_PH) address provider (kamote)
+* Added Brazilian (pt_BR) email provider data (KennedyTedesco)
+* Fixed UK country code (pgscandeias)
+* Added Peruvian (es_PE) person, address, phone number, and company providers (cslucano)
+* Added Ukrainian (uk_UA) color provider (ruden)
+* Fixed Ukrainian (uk_UA) namespace and email translitteration (ruden)
+* Added Romanian (Moldova) (ro_MD) person, address, and phone number providers (AlexanderC)
+* Added IBAN generator for every currently known locale that uses it (nineinchnick)
+* Added Image generation powered by LoremPixel (weotch)
+* Fixed missing timezone with dateTimeBetween (baldurrensch)
+* Fixed call to undefined method cardType in Payment (WMeldon)
+* Added Romanian (ro_RO) address and person providers (calina-c)
+* Fixed Doctrine populator to use ObjectManager instead of EntityManagerInterface (mgiustiniani)
+* Fixed docblock for Provider\Base::unique() (pschultz)
+* Added Payment providers (creditCardType, creditCardNumber, creditCardExpirationDate, creditCardExpirationDateString) (pomaxa)
+* Added unique() modifier
+* Added IDE insights to allow better intellisense/phpStorm autocompletion (thallisphp)
+* Added Polish (pl_PL) address provider, personal identity number and pesel number generator (nineinchnick)
+* Added Turkish (tr_TR) address provider, and improved internet provider (hasandz)
+* Fixed Propel column number guesser to use signed range of values (gunnarlium)
+* Added Greek (el_GR) person, address, and phone number providers (georgeharito)
+* Added Austrian (en_AU) address, Internet, and phone number providers (rcuddy)
+* Fixed phpDoc in Doctrine Entity populator (rogamoore)
+* Added French (fr_FR) phone number formats (vchabot)
+* Added optional() modifier (weotch)
+* Fixed typo in the Person provider documentation (jtreminio)
+* Fixed Russian (ru_RU) person format (alexshadow007)
+* Added Japanese (ja_JP) person, address, Internet, phone number, and company providers (kumamidori)
+* Added color providers, driver license and passport number formats for the ru_RU locale (pomaxa)
+* Added Latvian (lv_LV) person, address, Internet, and phone number providers (pomaxa)
+* Added Brazilian (pt_BR) Internet provider (vjnrv)
+* Added more Czech (cs_CZ) lastnames (petrkle)
+* Added Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) person, address, Internet, and phone number providers (tlikai)
+* Fixed Typos (pborelli)
+* Added Color provider with hexColor, rgbColor, rgbColorAsArray, rgbCssColor, safeColorName, and colorName formatters (lsv)
+* Added support for associative arrays in `randomElement` (aRn0D)
2013-06-09, v1.2.0
@@ -68,4 +117,4 @@ CHANGELOG
2012-07-10, v1.0.0
-* Initial Version
+* Initial Version
2 composer.json
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
"extra": {
"branch-alias": {
- "dev-master": "1.3.x-dev"
+ "dev-master": "1.3.0"

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