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2 services/index.shtml
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<p>There are tens of thousands of XMPP services deployed on the Internet. In addition to large, well-known services such as <a href=''>Google Talk</a>, <a href=''>Live Journal Talk</a>, <a href=''>Nimbuzz</a>, and <a href=''>Ovi</a>, there are also many smaller services run by volunteers in the XMPP community. The following table lists the public XMPP services that have <a href='register.shtml'>registered</a> with the XSF to be listed here, but there are many more such services on the Internet so this is <em>not</em> a complete list!</p>
-<p>Last updated: 2009-06-03</p>
+<p>Last updated: 2009-06-29</p>
<p><em>The following table is sortable, just click on the headers (click twice to reverse the sort order).</em></p>
12 services/source.xml
@@ -168,6 +168,18 @@
<admin uri=''>Michael Grigutsch</admin>
+ <domain></domain>
+ <website></website>
+ <desc>Representing the Jabber community in New Zealand.</desc>
+ <year>2009</year>
+ <country>NZ</country>
+ <lat>-37.46</lat>
+ <lon>175.18</lon>
+ <ca uri=''>XMPP ICA</ca>
+ <server uri=''>ejabberd</server>
+ <admin uri=''>Paul Willard</admin>
+ </service>
+ <service>
<desc>Public service hosted by</desc>

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