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Supporting Files for v1 of Using IPTables Lab Exercises
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Using IPTables v1

Supporting files for v1 of my Using iptables Lab Exercises.


This tool was inspired by and borrowed heavily from the PIVOT Challenges, specifically the work of Wilmington University (Eric Arnoth).


Files included as part of the repository:

  • iptables_firewall_project (project plan)
  • iptables_network_diagram_v1.pdf (virtual network diagram, created using
  • Building the Lab on a Windows 10 Host (how-to document on building the virtual lab environment)
  • Lab - Using iptables Exercises.docx (iptables exercises)
  • (rc script for deployment on the dual-homed host)
  • link to .ova file hosted on onedrive

how to download the .ova files

Click this link!Ahq9EBxMhlUU8dsUoUBflDMxe6e5Zg to download the .ova file (~450MB) containing the firewall VM for the project. Click this link!Ahq9EBxMhlUU8dsV7vmgujq2xTZIAw?e=T5iQDo to download the .ova file (~901MB) containing the two client VMs for the project.

supporting procedures

How to import a VM to an appliance:

  • Move the exported .ova file to the new host.
  • Open VirtualBox.
  • Click File | Import Appliance.
  • Browse to the .ova file.
  • Click Next.
  • Review the Appliance settings.
  • Click Import.

When the import completes (this process takes significantly less time than exporting), the VM is ready to start up and use.


The following suppplemental resources may be useful:

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