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Resources for liberty seekers
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Resources for modern liberty seekers

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction 1. Review 2. Assumptions 3. Considerations
  2. Threats to liberty 1. War on Privacy 2. War on Drugs 3. Political Correctness 4. Police
  3. Finding Liberty 1. Hacking/Entrepreneurship
  4. [Liberty Related Projects](#related projects) 1. Internet 2. Technology 3. Movies 4. Books 5. Social 6. Essays
  5. [Prominent Figures](#prominent figures)
  6. Institutions
  7. Contributing



This is a manual for the modern liberty-seeker individual. Based on consensus, decentralization and rationality, it tries to provide resources to help one understand his/her surroundings


  • One undestands, seeks and appreciates liberty
  • One believes in the modern excess of government


  • As an early project, there might be unintended bias coming from early contributors. As it grows, we expect it to go away.
  • This project is currently focused on the reality of western countries(and affected countries). If it doesn't reflect your reality, feel free to fork it and make changes. In order to build a community around it, we'd appreciate to reference it to Libertr.

Threats to Liberty

War on Privacy

War on Drugs

Freedom of Speech


Finding Liberty

Liberty Related Projects







This project seeks decentralization and, therefore , we encourage anyone to contribute.

Feel free to fork it, add more links/texts/... and submit a pull request.

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