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A Swift protocol which provides standard file operations for types conforming to Codable protocol.
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A protocol which provides standard file operations for types conforming to Codable protocol.


GTStorable protocol provides the following operations:

  • Saving to file.
  • Loading from file.
  • Removing data file.
  • Checking for data file existence.
  • Creating data file backup.
  • Removing data file backup.

Available API

  • save(as:usingOptions:customCoders:)
  • load(from:forObjectOfType:usingOptions:customCoders:)
  • remove(fileOfType:usingOptions:)
  • dataFileExists(ofType:withOptions:)
  • backupDataFile(ofType:usingOptions:)
  • removeBackupFile(ofType:usingOptions:)

Data can be encoded and saved to files in three formats currently: JSON, Property List (plist) and Archived data.

Read the documentation for more information about the protocol's methods and the custom types used and supported. Alternatively see documentation on the code files under the Source directory.


You can use CocoaPods for adding GTStorable to your workspace. In your Podfile include this:

pod 'GTStorable', :git => ''

Git URL is necessary as the pod is not pushed to the public trunk yet.

Do not forget to import GTStorable whenever necessary:

import GTStorable

You can also add GTStorable manually to your project. Download or clone the repository and drag-and-drop the Source directory into the Project Navigator in Xcode.

Usage Example

Consider the following struct which conforms to GTStorable protocol.

struct User: Codable, GTStorable {
    var username: String?
    var firstname: String?
    var age: Int?
    var isMale: Bool = true

Saving an instance of it to file as a JSON can be done like this:

do {
    _ = try .json, usingOptions: nil, customCoders: nil)
} catch { ... }

// The user.json file will be created.


do {
    let loadedUser = try User.load(from: .json, forObjectOfType: User.self, usingOptions: nil, customCoders: nil)
} catch { ... }

You can even create a backup of the data file:

do {
    _ = try user.backupDataFile(ofType: .json, usingOptions: nil)
} catch { ... }

// user.json.bak is the backup file created.

Use the storeOptions parameter to specify subdirectories, custom file names and extensions, even to change the working folder. By default, all files are stored to Documents directory of the app.

Also, provide optionally customized JSON and Property List encoder and decoder instances in the customCoders parameter (wherever applicable) for overriding the default used settings. See the documentation for more information.


Created by Gabriel Theodoropoulos. GTStorable is provided under MIT license.

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