📊 Slides for presentation on ggplot2 at Tampa R Users Meetup (Jan 2018)
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A Gentle Guide to the Grammar of Graphics with ggplot2

UPDATE: An updated version of these slides are available at https://github.com/gadenbuie/gentle-ggplot2.

These are the slides and repo for my talk at the Tampa R Users Meetup on January 23, 2018.

The slides are available here: https://gadenbuie.github.io/trug-ggplot2

Follow Along

You can use the script 0-companion-script.R to follow along during the talk or to review the plots later.


If you happen to use Docker, you can use the included Dockerfile to build a Docker container with everything you need (including RStudio thanks to the Rocker project). Just clone this repo and run

# Build container image
docker build -t trug-ggplot2 ./

# Run image
docker run -d -p 8787:8787 trug-ggplot2

Then point your browser at and login with rstudio (for both). The RStudio project for these slides will be under trug-ggplot2/