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This repository contains Dockerfiles for different Docker containers of interest to R users.

Getting Started

To get started right away, ensure you have Docker installed and start a container with docker run --rm -ti rocker/r-base (see here for the docker run command options). In this case we are starting the r-base container (the base package to build from) in an interactive mode, see below for details of the other containers currently available. To get started on the rstudio container or its derivative containers (eg. hadleyverse and ropensci) you need to open a port, see the instructions in the wiki. The wiki also contains further instructions and information on the project, including how to extend these images and contribute to development.


This is work in progress; please read our instructions to contributors and talk to @eddelbuettel and @cboettig about how to get involved.

Base Docker Containers

Docker Container Source on GitHub Docker Hub Build Status and URL Image Size
r-base (base package to build from) good Layers and Size
r-devel (base plus R-devel from SVN) good Layers and Size
rstudio (base plus RStudio Server) good Layers and Size
drd (not-quite) daily (smaller) r-devel from SVN) good Layers and Size

Use cases

The rocker project also hosts Docker images illustrating particular use cases. More information about these can be found in their respective respositories on rocker-org

Docker Container Source on GitHub Docker Hub Build Status and URL Image Size
hadleyverse (rstudio + Hadley's packages, LaTeX) good Layers and Size
ropensci (hadleyverse + rOpenSci packages) good Layers and Size
r-devel-san (base, SVN's R-devel and SAN) good Layers and Size
r-apt (R plus CRAN + marutter repo information) good Layers and Size

Anyone interested in proposing or collaborating on additional use cases should read our guide to contributing and get in touch


The Dockerfiles in this repository are licensed under the GPL 2 or later.


RStudio is a registered trademark of RStudio, Inc. The use of the trademarked term RStudio and the distribution of the RStudio binaries through the images hosted on hub.docker.com has been granted by explicit permission of RStudio. Please review RStudio's trademark use policy and address inquiries about further distribution or other questions to permissions@rstudio.com.