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Resetter v3.0.0-stable

Resetter Screenshot

Here are some download stats for this this year and last year

Download Stats

Officially supported distros (64-bit)

  • Elementary OS 5.0
  • Deepin OS 15.8, 15.9, 15.10
  • Debian Gnome 9.6, 9.7, 9.9, 10.0
  • Debian KDE 10.0
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3, 19, 19.1, 19.2
  • Linux Mint 18.3 Mate
  • Ubuntu Gnome 18.04, 18.10, 19.04
  • Ubuntu Unity 16.04
  • Parrot OS Mate 4.7

How to make Resetter compatible with any debian based distros?

Please follow this guide

If Resetter complains that you're missing a manifest or userlist although your distro is supported please see the wiki page. Other distro support coming soon - If you want to add support yourself, it is very easy to do so, just upload your files to share with everyone following this video.

How to install

Download the deb files found here then on the terminal, run the following commands:

Ubuntu based systems (Mint, Elementary, Budgie, etc...)

sudo apt install ./resetter_3.0.0-stable_all.deb

Debian based systems (Deepin, raspbian, etc...)

sudo apt install ./add-apt-key_1.0-0.5_all.deb
sudo apt install ./resetter_3.0.0-stable_all.deb


-Resetter 3.0.0 is brand new, completely rewritten in Python3 and PyQt5 with newer libraries. Fixes many of the issues the previous version had.

Bug reports

- If you find a bug or problem please create an issue on github. - If you do not have a github account do not hesitate to contact me and send your bug report to

Options comparison

MPA means missing pre-installed apps

Features List Option 1: Automatic Reset Option 2: Custom Reset
Auto remove apps for reset
Choose which apps to remove for reset
Remove old kernels
Choose to only delete user
Delete users and home directories
Choose which user to delete
Create default backup user
Create custom backup user
Auto install MPAs
Choose which MPAs to install
Remove non-default users
Dependent package view
Remove snap packages

Other features:

- Manifest and userlist updater: By clicking on *"help"*>*"update files"* - Easy install: Basically, you will be able to build your own list of apps that you'd like to mass install after a reset or fresh install. It can also be used anytime to install a package. If you saved a backup file using the save feature prior to your reset or fresh install, you will be able to restore the apps from that list if they're available to install.
  • Easy PPA: With this feature, you can search for PPAs containing apps directly from resetter and install it into your system. It will also grab the ppa's key automatically. This eliminates the need of using a terminal to add ppas from launchpad making distros more user friendly.

  • Source Editor: It is a normal editor that can disable, enable, or remove ppas from a user's system but what makes this different from other source editors is that you can search for the ppa that you want to edit.

Non stingy people donation link ;)



- If you wish to contact me about anything else reach me via
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