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LighterPack is a website to track the gear you take on adventures. It is still in Beta.

LighterPack is built on a node.js/jQuery/vanillaJS/mongo stack.

How to run Lighterpack

  1. Install node.js, npm and mongo
  2. $ git clone
  3. Create a config.js and extIds.txt based on the wiki:
  4. Install dependancies $ npm install
  5. start mongo $ mongod
  6. Start app $ node app.js
  7. go to http://localhost:3000

Running with Vagrant

  1. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox
  2. Download Vagrantfile and from vagrant folder to a folder on your local machine
  3. Run $ vagrant up in the folder where you downloaded the two files.
  4. Create a config.js and extIds.txt in /var/www/lighterpack based on the wiki:
  5. Install dependencies $ sudo npm install
  6. Start app $ nodejs app.js

You can then ssh to the machine on port 2222 or open a web browser to http://localhost:8080.

Future non-feature initiatives

  • Migrate to postgres document store from mongo
  • Split up LESS files into more logical files (using LESS imports to keep the same # of .css files)
  • Split up edit.js somehow + setup a build step to concat files back together