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GameOn! Registration Utility

A collection of utilities that allow you to manage GameOn! room registrations via the command line.

Java utility

Usage : <options> <path to registration json file>

Required parameters
	-i=<gameon id>
	-s=<gameon secret>

Optional parameters
	-u=<map service URL>
	-r=<room ID>
	-m=<HTTP method, defaults to POST if not specified>


Register a new room :

Sample JSON

You can use the sample JSON file shown below as the starting point for your room registration. Simply change the values as required.

"fullName":"A room registered by EasyReg tm.",
"description":"Command line registration tool for room developers.",
	"s":"A winding path leading off to the south",
	"d":"A tunnel, leading down into the earth",
	"e":"An overgrown road, covered in brambles",
	"u":"A spiral set of stairs, leading upward into the ceiling",
	"w":"A shiny metal door, with a bright red handle",
	"n":"A Large doorway to the north"

Building the utility

The utility can be built by running gradlew build. This will build the minimal jar needed for inclusion in an application. However, if you wish to use the utility directly formt he command line, use the command gradlew fatjar to include all required dependencies into the jar file. You can then run the utility as above by specifying java -jar regutil-app/build/libs/regutil-app.jar and adding the parameters listed above.