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IceHrm is a HRM software which enable companies of all sizes to manage HR activities properly.


Getting started

The easiest way to run IceHrm is using docker

For Linux you need to install docker compose separately here

$ git clone
$ cd icehrm
$ touch app/data/icehrm.log (or create the file manually)
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yaml up -d

You can find database and app data under icehrm/docker/production

When you want to kill the docker containers

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yaml down

For setting up your development environment watch

Refer docker documentation for best practices

IceHrm Mobile App (Beta)

Setup to IceHrm App with Your Account

Useful Links

Installation without Docker

  • Download the latest release

  • Copy the downloaded file to the path you want to install iCE Hrm in your server and extract.

  • Create a mysql DB for and user. Grant all on iCE Hrm DB to new DB user.

  • Visit iCE Hrm installation path in your browser.

  • During the installation form, fill in details appropriately.

  • Once the application is installed use the username = admin and password = admin to login to your system.

Note: Please rename or delete the install folder (/app/install) since it could pose a security threat to your iCE Hrm instance.

Manual Installation

Upgrade from Previous Versions to Latest Version


Setup IceHrm Development Environment (Docker)

IceHrm uses docker to setup development environment

$ git clone
$ cd icehrm
$ docker-compose up
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to load icehrm. (user:admin/pass:admin)

  • Make some changes and the changes will be reflected on the above url

  • Run e2e (cypress) tests

docker-compose -f docker-compose-testing.yaml up --exit-code-from cypress
  • When you are ready to push your changes to production, make sure to build the production images
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yaml up -d --build

Setup IceHrm Development Environment (Vagrant)

IceHrm development environment is packaged as a Vagrant box. I includes php7.3, nginx, phpunit and other software required for running icehrm

Preparing development VM with Vagrant

~ $ vagrant up
  • Run vagrant ssh to login to the Virtual machine
~ $ vagrant ssh
~ $ sudo service nginx restart
  • Add following entry to the end of the host file to map icehrm domains to VagrantBox (on MacOS and Linux this is /etc/hosts | on windows this is Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts)   icehrm.os
  • Navigate to http://icehrm.os to load icehrm from Vagrant. (user:admin/pass:admin)

Building frontend assets

  • When ever you have done a change to JavaScript or CSS files in icehrm/web you need to rebuild the frontend

  • First make sure you have all the dependencies (just doing this once is enough)

$ cd icehrm/web
$ npm install
$ cd ..
$ npm install
  • Then run gulp
$ gulp
  • For production build use
$ gulp --eprod