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The Model and RockSalt directories last checked in Coq 8.5pl2

	A Coq formalization of x86-32

	An x86-32 model (up to date to Coq 8.5)

	A formally verified SFI checker based on our model of x86
        (mostly up to date to Coq 8.5, except for NaclJmp and
        DFACorrectness; however, recent changes in x86Semantics.v made
        the proof broken; needs fix)

	A fuzz tester for the x86 model
        (sorry, but hasn't tested this for a while)

	A C implementation of an SFI checker using our certified DFAs
        (sorry, but hasn't tested this for a while)

	Simulation and instrumentation of x86 binaries
        (sorry, but hasn't tested this for a while)

	A Coq formalization of a MIPS processor



* How to build the CPU models?

You will need Coq 8.5pl2.

- install the ocaml package manager opam
- opam repo add coq-released https://coq.inria.fr/opam/released
- opam install coq-flocq-2.5.1
- For x86, go to x86model and type make
- For MIPS, go to MIPSmodel and type make
* How to build the validation tools? (sorry, haven't checked this for a while;
  it may not working)

First, build the x86 CPU model. Then, you will need OCaml 3.12 (or a more
recent verison), and pin (http://www.pintool.org/). Please go to the
x86model/semantics_trace directory and for further instructions.

* How to build the RockSalt C driver? (sorry, haven't checked this for a while;
  it may not working)

You will need to install the developer version of native client first. Then,
replace the native_client/src/trustaed/validator_x86/ncval.c file with ours,
make sure the include for tables.h and driver.h are properly set, and build
native client as usual. The resulting ncval binary can run RockSalt by
passing the command line ragument --dfa.


Todo list:

- To be fixed: The Rocksalt directory is broken after changes to

- To be fixed: in x86Semantics.v, the flags are set
  nondeterministically in SHL/SHR, although the manual doesn't say so