Building HPC GAP

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Building HPC-GAP

Downloading the source

We need to retrieve repositories gap-system/gap and gap-system/ward from GitHub:

git clone
cd gap/hpcgap
git clone

Building ward

ward is a tool which parses and transforms the GAP C source code for HPC-GAP. We need to build it. So, change into the ward directory we just cloned, and run the build script:

cd ward

Building HPC-GAP

cd ../..
./configure --enable-hpcgap

After you are done with this, you can use bin/ as usual to start GAP. We strongly recommend to start GAP with the -r option since your local customisation may not yet be compatible with HPC-GAP.

Building packages for use with HPC-GAP

Some of the GAP packages may run well in the main execution thread, but can not be used from other threads. For now, only the IO and orb packages are known to be somewhat compatible with HPC-GAP.

Building the documentation

For information on building the documentation refer to the wiki page Building main GAP manuals.


If any of the above instructions do not work or are in any way unclear, please contact ssiccha via email.