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Executes Terraform configuration as job/pod inside a Kubernetes cluster.
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The Terraformer is a tool that can execute Terraform configuration and is designed to run as a pod inside a Kubernetes cluster. The,, terraform.tfvars and terraform.tfstate files are expected to be stored as configmaps/secrets and mounted into the pod. The Terraformer is able to run terraform validate|plan|apply|destroy and will update the state (configmap) itself by using the available Kubernetes service account.

Usually, one will run terraform validate|plan within a single pod and terraform apply|destroy as a job in order to establish retry logic.


The and files are expected inside the pod at /tf location, the terraform.tfvars is expected at /tfvars and the terraform.tfstate is expected at /tf-state-in.

How to build it?

It is required that you have installed the terraform-bundle binary. You can get it from the offical Hashicorp Terraform repository:

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go install ./tools/terraform-bundle

⚠️ Please don't forget to update the VERSION file before creating a new release:

$ make release

This will bundle all Terraform provider plugins, create a new Docker image with the tag you specified in the Makefile, push it to our image registry, and clean up afterwards.

Example manifests

Please find example Kubernetes manifests within the /example directory.

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