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Universal Kubernetes at Scale


  1. gardener Public

    Kubernetes-native system managing the full lifecycle of conformant Kubernetes clusters as a service on Alicloud, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, EquinixMetal, vSphere, MetalStack, and Kubevirt with min…

    Go 2.3k 405

  2. Declarative way of managing machines for Kubernetes cluster

    Go 220 100

  3. Collection of components to backup and restore the Etcd of a Kubernetes cluster

    Go 185 78

  4. etcd-druid Public

    A druid for etcd management in Gardener

    Go 34 39

  5. dashboard Public

    Web-based GUI for the Gardener.

    JavaScript 199 81

  6. autoscaler Public

    Forked from kubernetes/autoscaler

    Customised fork of cluster-autoscaler to support machine-controller-manager

    Go 9 17