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Releases: garglk/garglk

Gargoyle 2023.1

20 Feb 16:06
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  • $HOME/garglk.ini is loaded on macOS again.
  • Fallback fonts work on macOS again.
  • Non-ASCII filenames are better supported on Windows.
  • Transcripts update in real time again.
  • Fix some cases where Agility save/restore prompts didn't work on macOS.
  • Fix media loading in JACL and Hugo.
  • Avoid potential crash with newer versions of SDL2_mixer.
  • Readline-style shortcuts are available on macOS now.
  • Interpreter updates: Agility 1.1.2, Alan3 3.0beta8, Bocfel 2.1.1, Git 1.3.7, Glulxe 0.6.0.
  • New interpreters: Taylormade and Plus. These support a wider range of Scott Adams-style games. In addition, ScottFree has been updated to support graphics. Thanks to Petter Sjölund.
  • Support the quasi-standard glkunix_fileref_get_filename() function.
  • Gargoyle now supports color themes, and will attempt to follow your system theme (light/dark) by default (see for information on themes).
  • Optional support for KDE Frameworks, improving text editor behavior.
  • Window size and location can be saved and restored between sessions.
  • Monospace fonts are now properly used in the Agility interpreter.
  • Bleeps in the Z-machine are now supported.
  • Unifont is used to look up missing font glyphs.

x86 Mac users: if you are on Monterey or newer, use gargoyle-2023.1-mac-x64.dmg. Otherwse, try gargoyle-2023.1-mac-x64-mojave.dmg. This was built on Mojave, but should work at least as far back as High Sierra. Earlier macOS versions have not been tested.

Gargoyle 2022.1

31 Jan 06:11
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  • Gargoyle now implements Glk version 0.7.5.
  • Various interpreter updates.
  • The UI on Unix and Windows is now handled by Qt.
  • A new sound backend based on Qt is available.
  • Experimental support for the Haiku operating system.
  • SDL2 is now used instead of SDL1 (thanks to Manuel Stoeckl).
  • Built-in fonts are no longer supported due to licensing issues.
  • The default proportional font has been changed to Charis SIL (renamed to “Gargoyle Serif”); the default monospace font is still Go Mono, renamed to “Gargoyle Mono”.
  • Improved font rendering, including fine-grained control over FreeType's renderer (thanks to Tynach).
  • Improved font lookup on Fontconfig-based systems to avoid cases where the wrong font styles were being used.
  • HiDPI is supported on macOS.

Gargoyle 2019.1.1

18 Nov 15:14
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This is a bug fix release for Gargoyle 2019.1:

  • Fix font selection on Windows
  • Fix interpreter locating on FreeBSD

There are no macOS binaries provided because this release only contains changes for Windows and FreeBSD.

Gargoyle 2019.1

03 Nov 20:20
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The highlight of this release is updated interpreters:

  • Alan3 3.0b6
  • Bocfel 1.0.1
  • Git 1.3.5
  • Glulxe 0.5.4
  • Hugo 3.3.0
  • Jacl 2.9.0
  • Tads2 2.5.17
  • Tads3 3.1.3

In addition, the Gargoyle Glk implementation has seen some improvements:

  • Text-to-speech support
  • The built-in fonts support a much wider range of Unicode
  • Full screen support
  • Various accumulated small fixes and updates

macOS users: There are two versions for macOS. The dmg file was built on a modern version of macOS and is the preferred build. However, it won't work on older versions. Reports have it working on 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15, but not 10.9. The zip file was built on macOS 10.7 and as such should work on 10.7 and later versions. In short, try the dmg file, and only in the case where that fails, then try the zip.


22 Mar 20:26
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Tag stable-2011.1