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A .net command line metrics tool

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Welcome to the DrivenMetrics Project

DrivenMetrics is a metrics library to be used with your .net project. It is used to help with determining the quality of your code by measuring certain attributes or metrics.

How to Build DrivenMetrics

To build project, rake is required.

For .net rake

For mono rake mono

The final build will be in a folder called deploy

How to run DrivenMetrics

run the following for help DrivenMetric.UI.Console.exe /help

And example would be DrivenMetric.UI.Console.exe -a "an assembly" -a "another assembly" -cc=20 -loc=20 -rFail

Will generate an XML file output if the specified file ends in .xml


  • Fix up hacky reports and use a template language instead
  • Upgrade to .net 4
  • Look at adding a dynamic way to add reports and metrics
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