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new tip: Using Data::Printer with Template Toolkit (sdt++)

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@@ -1844,6 +1844,27 @@ In the example above, the C<$html_output> variable contains the
HTML escaped output of C<p($object)>, so you can print it for
later inspection or render it (if it's a web app).
+=head2 Using Data::Printer with Template Toolkit
+I<< (contributed by Stephen Thirlwall (sdt)) >>
+If you use Template Toolkit and want to dump your variables using Data::Printer,
+install the L<Template::Plugin::DataPrinter> module and load it in your template:
+ [% USE DataPrinter %]
+The provided methods match those of C<Template::Plugin::Dumper>:
+ ansi-colored dump of the data structure in "myvar":
+ [% DataPrinter.dump( myvar ) %]
+ html-formatted, colored dump of the same data structure:
+ [% DataPrinter.dump_html( myvar ) %]
+The module allows several customization options, even letting you load it as a
+complete drop-in replacement for Template::Plugin::Dumper so you don't even have
+to change your previous templates!
=head2 Unified interface for Data::Printer and other debug formatters
I<< (contributed by Kevin McGrath (catlgrep)) >>
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