python bindings to the SiliconDust libhdhomerun shared library
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libhdhomerun is a python module for accessing the SiliconDust(tm)
shared library using python ctypes foreign function technology.

This module does not (re)distribute the libhdhomerun shared
library.  Obtaining and installing the shared library is a
responsibility of the user, and can be downloaded from:

As of early 2012, this library does not expose the entire
range of the SiliconDust shared library capabilities, nor
even if it exposes the function, have all the functions
been fully tested.  It primarly exports those functions
in the device, discover, and channelscan library files
(which the docs suggest are the recommended APIs).

Testing has been done only on the HDHomeRun(tm) Prime in
the US.  No testing of the basic or tech modules has occured.

Development and testing of this module has been primarly
performed on Linux.  Testing on Windows 7 was limited
to verifing that this module loads, that it can load
the libhdhomerun dll (as created in a VC 2010 package),
and that a HDHomeRun Prime can be discovered.  Testing
on MacOSX was limited to verifing that this module loads,
and that it can load the libhdhomerun dylib.

SiliconDust and HDHomeRun are a registered trademarks
of SiliconDust USA (