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Webby is now available as a Firefox new tab extension. Install here

Note the protoype is not stable yet, the syntax will changing and cause cached data obsolete. When you met issue, please run config > config addons and tap RESET TO DEFAULT VERBS to reset cached data to default values.

Why webby

The Prototype is able to:

  • Open installed app in new tab
  • (Widget) Open app inside of dialog (try type trmusic, weather)
  • Search through default search provider
  • Search through different search provider
  • User is able to add/delete app/widget in config > addons
  • provide instant suggestion through default and target search providers
  • navigation with keyboard

Refer Test Cases to figure out the usage.

Plan to do

  • Pin app as a Widget in dialog
  • Can custom bot's personality

Webby Interaction

Type commands and get results, no bullshit.

  • Search, Open are the default verbs, we don't need to type them manually.
  • Search providers are exposed as default verbs. (ex: user could use wikipedia <keyword>/w <keyword> to search wikipedia directly)

Elements: order box, deacon box (order tags, instant search tags, suggestions), chat history

order-tag-suggestion interface

User is able to found what she needs quickly through keyboard and tags:

  • key in on input field to get instant results from several resources ** the tag field will show correspondent order tags and instant suggestion tags ** the suggestion field will show available actions
  • Tap order tag will further scoping the selections
  • key in to filter order tags, use space to match certain verb + noun pattern

Chat activity

Webby interact with you with chat-like interface. Just like any other instant messengers, all previous dialog are listed as an activity stream.


  1. respect existing browser searchbar and instant messenger's interactions, so user has pretty small barrier to use Webby.

  2. always use verb + noun format to execute new commands

Moonbar maintain a defined order(verbs) set on device. noun generally denotes the search term.

  1. show all available order tags when no user input

  2. while user typing, they can tap tag to further scoping the suggestions

  3. Extensions are just normal URLs. User could choose to open it in new window or embed it in the dialog.

Willing to Contribute?

File a issue to discuss a possible new verb and its usage.

If you are a programmer, clone the project, send a Pull Request to fix the issue you encountered when you use webby.

Webby use Commitizen to help us write better commit message. When you want commit changes into project, use git cz instead of git commit.

Make sure you have installed the Commitizen cli tools via command:

npm install commitizen -g


Install dependencies

npm install
npm install -g karma-cli


npm test


Webby is forked from Moonbar. The enhanced searchbar with order-tag-suggestion interface.


Mozilla Public License, version 2.0