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A mapnik datasource plugin for Microsoft Sql Server 2012/2014/2016. Based on the PostGIS plugin.


parameter value description default
connection_string string An odbc connection string. If empty, the parameters "driver", "host", "port", "dbname", "user", "password," and "connect_timeout" will be used.
driver string name of the odbc driver SQL Server Native Client 11.0
host string host or host\instance
port integer used only when there is no instance in server (default 1433)
dbname string name of the database
user string username to use for connecting
password string user password to use for connecting
connect_timeout integer timeout is seconds for the connection to take place 4
persist_connection boolean choose whether to share the same connection for subsequent queries true
table string name of the table to fetch, this can be a sub-query; subquery has to use syntax of: '( ) as table'.
geometry_field string name of the geometry field, in case you have more than one in a single table. This field and the SRID will be deduced from the query in most cases, but may need to be manually specified in some cases.
geometry_table string name of the table containing the returned geometry; for determining RIDs with subselects
srid integer srid of the table, if this is > 0 then fetching data will avoid an extra database query for knowing the srid of the table 0
extent string maxextent of the geometries determined by querying the metadata for the table
extent_from_subquery boolean evaluate the extent of the subquery, this might be a performance issue false
row_limit integer max number of rows to return when querying data, 0 means no limit 0
initial_size integer initial size of the stateless connection pool 1
max_size integer max size of the stateless connection pool 10
simplify_geometries boolean whether to automatically reduce input vertices. Only effective when output projection matches (or is similar to) input projection. false
max_async_connection integer Max number of queries for rendering one map in asynchronous mode. Used only when asynchronous_request=true. Queries are sent asynchronously : while rendering a layer, queries for further layers will run in parallel in the remote server. Default value (1) has no effect. 1
wkb bool Fetch the geometry column as a WKB with .STAsBinary() instead of using SQL Server CLR type false


Copy mssql.input to the mapnik\input directory.

Building instructions


Requirements and dependencies:

  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Mapnik SDK >= 3.0

Linux / OS X (Tested with unixODBC / FreeTDS 0.95)

make install