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Microsoft's SQL Server is a suite of relational database management system (RDBMS) products providing multi-user database access functionality. It originated from the Sybase SQL Server 4.x codebase and Transact-SQL dialect (t-sql), but it has forked significantly since then.

SQL Server is available in multiple versions (typically identified by release year), each of which are subdivided into editions to distinguish between product functionality. The latest released version is SQL Server 2019 which was released on November 4th, 2019.

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YourTechBud commented Sep 28, 2020

The problem faced currently?

Currently we use the default rolling upgrade strategy for upgrading services. It would be great if we could make it configurable.

How can we solve it?

Add a field in the service object to accept service upgrade strategy

If you want this feature to be implemented, give it a thumbs up reaction, so that we can determine which features are important to you.

MaceWindu commented Sep 22, 2020

It's hacky because of a leaky abstraction: marking a property by an attribute to specify it as a column - is an implementation detail and it's quite low-level. If we need to say 'this property is a column' in a generic way - there must be a higher-level entity/API of doing so (without using attributes).
Think it the other way - IMetadataReader returns an attribute which is really not there (not o

wsmelton commented Jan 24, 2020

We have a switch as [switch]$Enable that should enable the login but it is not actually coded to do anything.

All that is needed would be logic around whether the parameter was passed in, within the process block would be sufficient: Test-Bound Enable will return true if the parameter was properly passed into the function call.

If passed in then the login object has a Enable() method t

ThiefMaster commented Jun 8, 2020

Describe the bug
"Select file" for the socket file path shows a local file chooser, even when I'm in a remote workspace and thus would expect to look for a file on the remote system.

To Reproduce
Try selecting a socket file path when you are using a remote vscode workspace

Expected behavior
File picker that shows remote files

**Desktop (please complete the following informa

K8Cscan大型内网渗透自定义插件化扫描神器,包含信息收集、网络资产、漏洞扫描、密码爆破、漏洞利用,程序采用多线程批量扫描大型内网多个IP段C段主机,目前插件包含: C段旁注扫描、子域名扫描、Ftp密码爆破、Mysql密码爆破、Oracle密码爆破、MSSQL密码爆破、Windows/Linux系统密码爆破、存活主机扫描、端口扫描、Web信息探测、操作系统版本探测、Cisco思科设备扫描等,支持调用任意外部程序或脚本,支持Cobalt Strike联动

  • Updated Dec 25, 2019
  • Python

Created by Sybase, Ashton-Tate, and Microsoft.

Released 1989


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