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Simple PHP wrapper classes for treating simple objects as MongoDB documents.
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MongoModel is a simple set of object wrappers classes for storing PHP objects in MongoDB.

MongoModel is comprised of two major classes (in the lib directory).

  • MongoEntity: the base class with all of the CRUD operations from which other classes will inherit.
  • MongoFactory: a simple factory class for loading an array of MongoEntity objects. Can be inherited to provide a specific factory for you specific needs.

Basic Usage

class User extends MongoEntity {

  protected static $_mongo_database = "users";        # Effectively the database name
  protected static $_mongo_collection = "user";      # Effectively the table name


This allows you to store objects in the 'users' database and the 'user' collection.

$user = new User();

$user_data = array("first_name" => "Gates", "last_name" => "VP");
$user = new User($user_data);
  print("saved the user");

Shorten field names


More details to come.

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