this is a demo set of attacks that can be used to get started with gauntlt
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Gauntlt Demo

This is a demo set of attacks that can be used to demo gauntlt and learn how to implement it. Each directory in ./examples contains a specific type of attack that you might want to run. Inside each example you will find a which will have a challenge and some hints on how to solve it. We recommend reading that first and then try to create an attack to solve the challenge.


$ git clone
$ cd ./gauntlt-demo
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ bundle

Start targets

This includes gruyere and railsgoat as a target to pratice against and in the future we will bundle other services. To start the default targets run the following.

$ bundle exec start_services

# For some reason railsgoat doesnt exit cleanly from a Ctl-C with service manager so you 
# will have to stop it manually
# ps -ef | grep rails
# kill -9 <PID>
# Please send a pull request if you know how to fix this

You can also run the following to start individual targets which include: railsgoat and gruyere

$ bundle exec start_services config/railsgoat.rb
$ bundle exec start_services config/gruyere.rb

After you stop the service, you may have to kill the process manually.

For railsgoat, you can also just do the following:

$ cd vendor/railsgoat
$ bundle install --binstubs
$ rake db:setup
$ rake server:start

Run a Gauntlt attack

Once you have a target ready, you can start customizing attacks and testing them against the target.

$ cd ./examples
$ bundle exec gauntlt hello_world/hello_world.attack

Work through the examples

You might find it helpful to head over to ./examples and work through the examples. After running hello_world it might be good to start with port_check