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PHP Framework Boilerplate with MVC structure in under 30lines of code
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PHP Model-View-Controller Boilerplate

If Web frameworks like Cakephp,Zend etc are too compliated for you & you prefer writing plain php code from scarth. Then, I present to you


PHP MVC Boilarplate, provides you a basic skeleton for your custom app

  • No Learning Curve: Apart from good things MVC, OOP, there is no other concepts that you need to gasp Just 30odd lines of code!

  • Boilerplate is not a framework, nor does it prescribe any philosophy of development, it's just got basic stucture to get your PHP App off the ground quickly

  • Its inspired from html5boilerplate & aim to do the same but for PHP.

  • Helps you start writing PHP in Object oriented manner

How to use

  • Download source
  • Start by reading inline comments in source code

For any Questions/Feedback

  • Open Issue
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