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Ayyo - A Paywall with Single line of code

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Ayyo or Oh No in Malayalam is a new way to setup a paywall.

All the files in serve folder are the only ones you should care about.

Add Premium Content

To add Premium content add the following lines in your HTML file

<meta name="restrictedextras" content="ID_OF_THE_CONTENT_YOU_WISH_TO_HIDE" />
<script src="hide.js"></script>

You need to give the id of the div you wish to hide and it gets hidden.

To add a simple Paywall

Add this to your HTML file

<script src=""></script>

🤫 uses NFTs and deployment in side chain to be faster.

😯 you can do things like increase prize of content with number of people. Early adopters can pay less.

Ayyo won Bounty Prize of 1000 Euros in ETHParis by Skale Labs.

Why is this using Ethereum?

We use ETH, since it allows people who are not in countires which are supported by payment mechanisms like stripe to make payment for thier content easily.

What are some use Cases?

Get paid for their Blog Posts or sell a book with a preview

Sell Podcasts Online

write a blog and make audio version paid. Make Private a YouTube Video and Sell it on Your Website.

Share your new Film or Documentary without paying any middle man fees

Show your art to the world, only if they pay.