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evabeylin commented Sep 6, 2018

Suggested improvement on the chrome pop-up confirming a transaction:

Currently the pop-up states "Transaction #X" is confirmed. With X being the number of the transaction from that user's ethereum address. Even better if instead of the transaction number, other metadata could be used as the description for the transaction confirmation - such as the dapp or browser the transaction was occuring o

sohkai commented Mar 13, 2020

We should apply sorting to the list of installed apps in the App Center (we "randomize" the discovery page to make it a bit more "fun"):

  1. Upgrades available ahead of up to date apps
  2. Alphabetical

cc @bpierre @dizzypaty I've also been wondering if it might be nice to start having sections in the App Center similar to Voting, for the different classes of apps (e.g. "ready" vs. "experiment

rubikva commented Jan 9, 2019

When use formatToEthereumUnits from Web3.Utils it use decimals parameter, and after format BigInt it's may create many redundant zeros at the end. For example if 'decimals' parameter is 18 we have: 990000000000000 wei -> 0.000990000000000000 eth

At old repo already have similar issue:

and some solution:

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