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[R18] Website + API for Kamihime Database
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Kamihime Database

Website + REST (JSON) API for Kamihime Database
Character statistics are provided by Kamihime Project Wikia (Nutaku)



  • VS Code Extensions
    1. Live Sass Compiler For watching saved Sass files and applying vendor prefixes on compilation.



  • I do not guarantee 100% coverage of the project within this documentation. If there is really something needed to be added, see Contributing.
  • App Config: Please configure auth.ts. Get its template from auth.example.ts
    • It can be found at src/auth folder.
  • MariaDB: Import database schema to your created database (default: kamihimedb) with utf8_unicode_ci collation.
    • The file will not be updated for every new character release. It only serves as a starting kit for running the website.
  • Util/Scenario: If you found non-existent files that causes error on any story/scenario, please report here.
    • Once the reported files are added, you may do $ yarn run scenarios-v again. See Procedures-3 for more info.
  • Package Manager: Yarn is recommended.


  1. Read Requirements and Notice.
  2. Run $ yarn
    • You have to build the src too: $ yarn --production=false
  3. Run $ yarn run scenarios to generate episode resources.
    • Or $ yarn run scenarios-v to run with verbose logging.
    • Append -l# or --latest=# to generate episode resources based on the number provided (e.g: 5 is for 5 characters). # is for a number.
      • This is not compatible with --id.
      • e.g: -l5 or --latest=5
    • Append -i{{id}} or --id={{id}} to generate episode resources based on the character provided. {{id}} is for a character ID.
      • This is not compatible with --latest.
      • e.g.: -ik0001 or --id=k0001
    • Append --eidolon / --soul / --ssr+ / --ssr / --sr / --r (rarity options are for kamihime) to generate episode resources strictly in the character type specified.
      • This is compatible with --latest but not with --id.
  4. Run $ yarn run build
  5. Run $ node .
    • $ yarn run pm2 for PM2 preference / production stage.


  • Looking for feedbacks, so feel free to file an issue or a pull request!
  • For code-related:
    • Fork this repository, clone to your machine, and follow the project's development configuration [e.g. TSLint]
      • $ yarn --production=false to install.
    • For src/views-related, you may use the task Move PUG Files to easily copy the new changes from src to build.
      • This only works with VSCode. However for CLI you may run this: $ yarn run finalize --pug
    • For Sass compilation, see VS Code Extensions-1
    • Run $ yarn run build to verify if your build is passing.
      • Failing build will be rejected at default.



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