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A server is a program or device that provides functionality for other programs and devices, called clients. This relation forms the Client-Server Model.

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thornjad commented Dec 18, 2019

As we attempt to pick up the release cadence, we are in need of an explicit changelog file which enumerates changes in each version. This should be a markdown or plaintext file adhering to some form of standardized format. Ideally, it will be able to work with #582.

dlarsson commented Sep 16, 2020

Login and consent challenges time out, but I haven't found a way to determine if this has happened

After being redirected to the login and consent pages, you're given a login/consent challenge. After the user has somehow authenticated himself, the login/consent session is accepted to hydra with the given login/consent challenge. However, if this takes too long (I believe it's a 10 minute ti

absfilho2 commented Sep 14, 2020

I believe that this implementation can be used for broadcast communication and also for games that want to hear a channel that is rolling a song for example.

Could you put a shortcut so you can start and end listening to a certain channel?
If you can have the implementation of a shortcut also to adjust the level of the channel. It will be perfect.

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