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It helps you remember abbreviations and aliases by displaying tips when you can use them.

βœ… Requirements

πŸš€ Install

Install using Fisher:

fisher install gazorby/fish-abbreviation-tips

πŸ”§ Usage

Just use your shell normally and enjoy tips!

Adding / removing abbreviations or aliases

The plugin automatically track changes when adding/removing abbreviations or aliases using abbr or functions commands (see behind the scenes), so you won't see tips anymore for an abbreviation/alias that has been erased, and you will get new ones for newly added abbreviations/aliases

πŸ›  Configuration

Configuration is done through environment variables.

To avoid spamming your, you can set environment variables using set -U once to make them persistent across restarts and share them across fish's instances.

Default configuration

ABBR_TIPS_PROMPT "\nπŸ’‘ \e[1m{{ .abbr }}\e[0m => {{ .cmd }}"

ABBR_TIPS_REGEXES '(^(\w+\s+)+(-{1,2})\w+)(\s\S+)' '(^( ?\w+){3}).*' '(^( ?\w+){2}).*' '(^( ?\w+){1}).*'
# 1 : Test command with arguments removed
# 2 : Test the firsts three words
# 3 : Test the firsts two words
# 4 : Test the first word

Tips prompt


By default, tips will show up like this :

πŸ’‘ ga => git add

But you can customize it using the prompt environment variable. The plugin will replace {{ .abbr }} with the abbreviation/alias and {{ .cmd }} with the corresponding command.

⚠️ tips are displayed using echo -e (interpretation of backslash escapes)

Alias whitelist


By default, if the command is a user-defined function (alias), the plugin won't search for a matching abbreviation because your aliases names are likely to be uniques, so there wouldn't be abbreviations with the same names.

But, in some cases, you may write aliases that wrap existing commands without altering their actual execution (e.g., add some hooks before/after the command execution). In this special case, you may also have abbreviations using these aliases, so you don't want to ignore them.

To do that, add these aliases to the environment variable.



If the command doesn't match an abbreviation/alias exactly, it is tested against some regexes to extract a possible abbreviation/alias.

For example, you could have an abbreviation/alias like this :

gcm => git commit -m

So you want a tip when typing git commit -m "my commit", but the command doesn't match exactly git commit -m. To tackle this, we have a default regex that will match commands with arguments removed, so your git commit -m "my commit" will be tested as git commit -m.

You can add such regexes to the ABBR_TIPS_REGEXES list, and they will be tested in the order in which they have been added (see default configuration). Matching is lazy, so if the string extracted with the first regex matches an abbreviation/alias, it won't go further. Remember that only the first matching group will be tested. (so you must have at least one per regex)

πŸŽ₯ Behind the scenes

In order to not slow down your prompt, the plugin store abbreviations/aliases and their corresponding commands in lists (actually simulating a dictionary, as fish doesn't support dict yet) to avoid iterating over all abbreviations/aliases each time you type a command. So retrieving an abbreviation or an alias from a command is fast as it doesn't involve any loop.

The plugin will create lists once during installation by calling __abbr_tips_init in the background (more precisely in spawned shell, because fish doesn't put functions in background). Then, lists will get updated when you add or remove abbreviation/alias using abbr or functions builtin.

πŸ’­ Inspiration

Inspired by zsh-fast-alias-tips and alias-tips zsh plugins

πŸ“ License