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This project is an example of an old-fashioned 2D platform game developed with Delphi (Sydney 10.4.2). It was produced for the article "Jeu de plateforme multi-plate-forme en Delphi" from Programmez! magazine number 247 (

Graphics are from Szadi ( They are in asset directory like the file niveau1.json. This json file is the level description.

This game is cross-platform and you will find the binaries for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android in the bin repository.

It does not use any game engine ! So i can proudly indicate "Not made with Unity" :)

How to play

This is a demo, it's not a complete game. So the level is small. You just need to catch the 5 rupees to win the game. You can move to the right with the right arrow key, to the left with the left arrow key and jump with the space bar or the up arrow. Be careful not to hit enemies !


(click the image to see the Youtube video)


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