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Various gentoo ebuilds tweaked mainly around multimedia, python and forensics.
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app-admin/keepassx fix keepassx for the new qt dependencies
app-crypt/whitepixel added more initial ebuilds
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-squeak Fixored scratch. It has to be 32 bits so made a binary install of the
app-text/stats ebuild for stats
app-vim version bump on vim python mode
dev-lang/squeak trying to revive squeak
dev-python added daemonize
dev-util/idea-community added the bumped release of idea community edition
games-board cleanuped the pachi ebuild thx to the upstream patch
games-kids/scratch removed debugging info
media-libs/openni fixed the openni ebuild from gamerlay for a recent breakage with libgl
media-plugins/oscam Manifest
media-sound/pianobooster Corrected the gcc 4.7 breakage
media-tv updated tvheadend to git-2
media-video Added a patched smplayer ebuild
metadata added the pointer to its master
net-im/err Nope, 1.5.1 is not flask dependent yet
net-libs/pjsip added more initial ebuilds
net-misc/fuse-google-drive Switched fuse-google-drive to eapi 4 and git-2.
net-nntp git eclass has been deprecated
profiles first few multimedia ebuildd
README improved the README
overlay.xml corrected the url to the read only one


In order to install this overlay in Gentoo :

Install layman if you don't have it already:
> emerge app-portage/layman

Synchronize the layman repo list : 
layman -L
You should see my repo been displayed in the list.

Then you need to add your layman overlays to your make.conf:
> nano /etc/make.conf
source /var/lib/layman/make.conf
To add the overlay : 
layman -a gbin
The packages should be available.                   
To delete it : 
layman -d gbin

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