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OSMnx Examples Gallery

OSMnx is a Python package to download, model, analyze, and visualize street networks and other geospatial features from OpenStreetMap. You can download and model walking, driving, or biking networks with a single line of code then easily analyze and visualize them. You can just as easily work with urban amenities/points of interest, building footprints, transit stops, elevation data, street orientations, speed/travel time, and routing.

This gallery contains step-by-step usage tutorials and feature demonstrations as Jupyter notebooks. You can run these notebooks interactively online with Binder or locally with the official OSMnx Docker image. All of the examples are in this repo's notebooks folder. Note that this repo's main branch generally tracks the functionality of the OSMnx repo's main branch. For examples corresponding to previously released versions of OSMnx, use this repo's tags to browse by release.

More info: