A neural network, written in Ruby
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Neural Net (in Ruby)

A feedforward neural network with resilient backpropagation (Rprop). It's ~250 loc, 100% Ruby, with no external dependencies.

This implementation trains significantly faster than ai4r's backpropagation neural network, mainly because the Rprop training algorithm implemented here is much faster than the non-batch backpropagation algorithm used in ai4r.

However, this implementation is significantly slower than ruby-fann, which wraps the FANN library, written in C. If you're looking for something production-ready, check out ruby-fann.


  • iris.rb: solves a simple classification problem: predict the species of iris flower based on sepal and petal size.
  • mpg.rb: solves a simple regression problem: predict the miles per gallon of a car based on car attributes.
  • mnist.rb: performs OCR on handwritten digits. Requires download of MNIST dataset; see instructions at top of file.

Sources and inspirations