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Gabriel Burca edited this page Apr 20, 2014 · 1 revision
  • Free

    • This software is absolutely free. Just download it and use it. Hopefully you'll find it useful.
  • Open

    • This software does not use any proprietary file formats so you're not locked in.
    • The music pages can be stored in any of the popular graphics file formats.
    • The song and playlist files are stored as XML files which are human-readable using a basic text editor.
    • The annotations are saved as SVG documents. For information on SVG see and
  • Pristine sources

    • This software does not modify any of your source material (your music pages). When you remove a page from a song, the image file remains on disk. Only the song.xml file is modified to indicate the page is no longer part of the song. Any annotations you make are stored in the song.xml file, leaving the music page you're annotating intact.
  • Cross platform

    • You should be able to use this software (and any associated software) on the platform of your choice.