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Document Availability Information (DAIA)

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The DAIA project is grouped into modules that can be used independently:

daiaphp     - DAIA for PHP 5.3
hhelper     - A collection of helper functions for DaiaPHP and PicaRecord 
daiapm      - DAIA perl module
xslt        - XSLT client
phpDaia-old - PHP implementation (outdated)

daiaphp, hhelper, and daiapm are git submodules, which you must init/update
with `git submodule init` and `git submodule update`.

In practise you are more likely interested in only one of this modules.
Packaged distributions may include shared parts of other modules so it
is recommended to either use a packaged distribution or get all modules
from the source code repository.

The following modules contain resources used by other modules:

schemas       - DAIA XSD and OWL schemas for validating
documentation - additional documentation

If you modify and distribute code, make sure that all packaged
distributions can be used independently! This can be done by 
including content from the common modules via symlinks and
dereference symlinks on packing (parameter -h on the tar command).
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