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A wiki based on MediaWiki
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maintenance Repo restructure (#113) Aug 28, 2018
skins update custom vector skin Nov 21, 2018
.eslintrc.json qunit: Make eslint config pass on qunit test files Feb 22, 2017
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.stylelintrc.json MediaWiki 1.30 upgrade (#78) Jan 26, 2018
Dockerfile Upgrade to 1.31.1 (#117) Oct 4, 2018
Dockerfile.parsoid Update Aug 28, 2018
config.php Update to MediaWiki 1.31 (#114) Aug 31, 2018
docker-compose.swarm.yml update docker-compose files to use the automatically building image a… Mar 16, 2018
docker-compose.yml update docker-compose volume mapping Sep 1, 2018

Build Status


Master branch: Dockerfile and customizations off mediawiki 1.30 for GCwiki.

GCpedia branch: current GCpedia production

Both branches include Dockerfiles to build docker images as well as docker compose files for both docker-compose and docker stack/swarm

The main Dockerfile is alpine linux-based, an ubuntu-based one is also available.

Dev install

Easy way: clone the repo, run

docker-compose up

add an entry into your hosts file for

<host ip> wiki.local

and you now have a fully installed instance of the wiki (visual editor service extra, needs at bit more work) that you can reach at wiki.local!

This setup will also reflect any changes that you make to the code you just pulled without needing to do anything extra.

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