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The Wily DNA Editor is an everyday lab tool for handling sequences

...running with pure JavaScript in your browser - no need to install anything.

Try it out:

The Wily-DNA-Editor at

The Wily-DNA-Editor at

Download Program and Source Code

Source code is available at

git clone

The Wily DNA Editor can do basic DNA/RNA operations

Reverse-Complement DNA, remove non-IUPAC letters and change upper/lower case...

The Wily DNA Editor finds restriction sites

Find restriction sites, select them and highlight the selected in sequence...

The Wily DNA Editor draws graphic maps

Draw restriction maps with or without features for linear an circular sequences...

The Wily DNA Editor visualize a digest as gel picture

Simulate band indensity or draw all bands black...

The Wily DNA Editor translates DNA sequences

Translate DNA in one, three or six frames...

The Wily DNA Editor handles genbank features

Use features to annotate regions in the DNA...

The Wily DNA Editor gives you full conrol

All calculation happens on your machine. You can load and save sequences in fasta and genbank format. Pictures can be saved as html or svg files to disk and modified for publication...


The Wily-DNA-Editor is a browser tool for plasmid assembly, reverse complements DNA, translates to protein code and calculates restriction digests maps.





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